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The reining horses for sale are split into several categories. The categories are divided by age, using the NRHA age eligibility as the basis. The links in the menu above will take you a page with all horses in that category.

Visit the directories to find links to the reining industries finest breeders, stallions & trainers. Don't forget to visit the market place to find all your other reining needs.


For tips on using ReinersWorld visit the FAQ page

Contact Cyndee. / Cataldo, ID 83810 / (208) 682-2290

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Occasionally I am contacted by advertisers from this site that they have received what we believe to be fraudulent inquirers to buy their horses. Please visit this link for information I have collected from other sites similar in nature to ReinersWorld to help you in making an assessment of whether a request to purchase is legitimate. Click Here More For Info
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To the Loyal Customers of ReinersWorld,
I DO NOT send unsolicited email to my customers nor do I sell the email addresses of my customers.

I ask that others Please RESPECT the PRIVACY of my customers and DO NOT send UNWANTED Solicitations from this site!! Thank you for your cooperation. :) Cyndee

National Reining Horse Assc News (NRHA)

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It is very important that every NRHA member look after the future of the NRHA.

This site is dedicated to Reining Horses and the people behind them. It is filled full of information about the great sport of reining. Designed with two goals in mind, #1 to provide newcomers information about the sport of reining, #2 to give people already involved in reining a place to promote and market their good reining horses on an all reining web site.

Learn about what is up in the reining industry on the World of Reining with a visit to the new ReinersWorld Group on FaceBook. There you will find information about reining organizations and current events. If your affiliate has a special event they would like featured here, please contact me with the information. Also be sure and visit the NRHA Section to post your show and clinic dates, there is no charge.

The breeders, trainer, & stallion pages offer the services of some of the industries finest. Visit our Reining Horses For Sale Pages for some very nice horses offered for sale. There is also a nice selection of reining horses for sale on ReinersWorld's Reining Horses For Sale. If you have a nice horse for sale be sure & get it listed with all the other nice horses that are offered for sale on the site..

If you do not have your own site we offer a variety of ways to advertise your Reining Horse Stallion, Ranch or Horses for sale.

The directories and many of the ads offers links to some of the finest reining sites on the net. If there is something you are looking for related to reining horses be sure & check them out.

You can find out about the Reining in your area by contacting one of the NRHA Affiliates. These are the hard working clubs that make the NRHA shows possible.

Please let me know if there is anything you want added & check back often as I will always be improving this site. I want this to be a place you can find anything you need for the World of Reining. Most of all Have Fun.

See what the Customers of ReinersWorld say about our results,

Hi Cyndee, Without a doubt, our horses would not have sold without your site. It has be invaluable to selling and purchasing wonderful reiners. Thanks, Steve

Hey Cyndee, Can you mark One Guns Angelita sold, she is going to some great folks in Florida. Sold and finalized two in one day!  Also sold One Guns Diamond! He is going to a great trainer Germany.  Thanks for a great place to market reiners! Tom and Mary Jansma

Cyndee, I think that the folks had seen my horse on ReinersWorld, but I'm not totally sure. I had an awful lot of emails here lately and especially that week of Thanksgiving.  I have to think that some of those people had seen him there.  It is a great site and I especially like how the pictures really show up very nicely.  Also, I love the personal service that you do.  I don't just feel like a # on a huge list!  Thanks for all you do. I have a friend that has a very nice Topsail Cody older gelding for sale and I will point her your way. Thanks so much. Dru Harper, CPP PhotoGraphics

Hey Cyndee... I also wanted to let you know that G2 has been sold as well as Whizicle. Thanks again - Your webstite has been a great help. Thank you - Luke

Hi Cyndee, Please mark the finished mare "Unstoppable Doc" as sold.  The first person to come try her scooped her up to use as a show horse and broodmare after seeing her on your site.  Thanks again!!!  Shelli

Hi: Could you please mark Rufus (Lil Ruff Dunnit) SOLD.  We got a call just a few days after you put him up and they took delivery last week!  Thankyou,. Dan & Michele Whitney

Hi Cyndee.  Just a note of thanks to you for once again selling another one for us!  You have a great thing going…..Our mare sold to a nice couple in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Many thanks! Rayelynne Wells

Hi Cyndee, This is to let you know that Smart Lika Playgirl sold this weekend!! We were so excited...we only advertised on ReinersWorld for 3 months and got our asking price!!  Thank you for your website and the help you offer to all reiners in selling their horses. Thank you for all your help and for helping us sell "Holly" Nancy Crawley

Hi Cyndee.  Will you please mark our 3YO perlino mare, Platinum Dunit as sold.  As usual your site generated a ton of interest. Thank you! Amy Jenner

Cyndee, Can you mark my other horse, Einsteins Cielo, in the 3 year old mares sold please.  She is going to Canada to a great home!  Thanks! Amber

Cyndee, Wanted to let you know that Whiz N Berry is sold. The buyers contacted us from the reinersworld ad. She is going to a great home.   Clark & Bonnie Bradley

When asked " What can we do to make our site better (optional)?" when placing her ad, Alice M. responded "NOTHING, IT IS PERFECT.. I BOUGHT 2 HORSES, ONE GUN AND THIS BIG CHEX COLT.. FROM Italy!!!"

Hi Cyndee, Can you please mark the derby mare Dun It The Whizway as sold.  Thanks to your site she is getting a great home all the way in South Africa!  I can never say enough about how great your website is for advertising!  Thanks, Shelli

Hey Cyndee! We sold Barbie Packsa Pistol to Travis in Canada.  The entire transaction went so smoothly and we were both happy!  Thanks for your wonderful service, Stuart

Hello Cyndee, Our Wimpys Little Step Weanling filly has been sold. Thank you for your wonderful site, she will be heading to Germany. Best regards-Susan Bell

Hello Cyndee,   I am so sorry for not notifying you earlier about my colt (Big Chex To K Man) being sold. He is sold & on his way to Germany but thank you so much for your website in helping me attain this goal of mine.  
God Bless & Happy New year, Patrick

Cyndee, Miss 8650 (Derby mares 4-6) has been sold through your website. Thank you so much. She went to a great home in Virginia. She sold to the first person who looked at her. Thanks Again Steve Brown

Good Morning Cyndee, Can you please mark my Big Chex to Cash Colt sold?  Your site has been a great asset to me with our breeding program, this colt will be going to a fantastic show home in Italy, thanks again for site. M and D Performance Horses


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    5. Contact Cyndee. / (208) 682-2290 Please keep in mind I am located in Idaho ~ PST, if I don't answer I am probably out riding or at a show, so shoot me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.

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