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Tips on Posting a Horse For Sale

You can post/update your ad or account by logging in and going to your profile. The page you see when you login is your account profile page, it is the same for both business and individual customers posting horses for sale.

Once you are logged in you can reach your profile/account from any page by using the drop down menu in the welcome link at the top right side on any page of the site. If you are using an Phone or Tablet please look for the white icon in the upper left hand corner to take you to your account options.

To post or edit an ad use the “View Horses for Sales” link under "Horses For Sale" in the account menu on the left hand side of your profile page. (see step by step information below) . To add more horses, in the upper right  you should see a green link to "upgrade listing" or in the menu on the left side your will see "account", either link will give you the choice of the number of horses and payment options.

Member Name
Member ID #123

Account Menu
- Manage Messages

Horses for Sale ~ Once you click on View Horses for Sales you will be given these choices
- View Horses for Sales ***Attention to edit your ad click on "View Horses for Sales"
   » Preview Horses for Sale
   » Add / Edit Photos                       ******Choose this link to edit your photo as needed****
   » Edit Horses for Sale Details       ******Choose this link to edit your ad as needed****
   » Arrange Photo Order
   » Delete This Horses for Sale           ******Choose this link to delete your ad******
- Add Horses for Sale
a) Your ad will not appear on the site unless you select yes when promoted. "Select Yes to Publish to the site? Yes(*)No   "Be sure to select YES to post your ad to the site"
b) You can cut and paste the embedded YouTube link so your video appears in your ad, this information is provided on the YouTube video page under the share link. View the video, click share, then embedded, the info you need will be highlighted and you can cut and past that into your ad.
c) Be sure and click the update ad link after you preview the update.
d) Please call, email or Private Message me if you need any help.

  - Billing Details
  - Manage Account    ******Choose this link to change the number of horses or cancel your ad******  
  - Change Password
  - Contact Us - Logout

Your information will not be included in the directories unless you select a listing option "I.E. Horses For Sale, Trainer". If prefer not to be included in the directory all you have to do is NOT select any of the directory options.

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